About us

Probably, everybody is concerned about the issue of their own financial well-being. We spend most of our lives on its decision. But, despite this, many of us can not afford to follow the simple rules that will facilitate the achievement of the cherished goal - financial independence.

FISON means projects with an innovative idea, which are financed by involving venture capital, and which include two main areas:

  • - Portfolio investments with the lowest risk;
  • - Investments in the start-up projects.

If you do not have any experience in investing, or you do not want to run a risk, but want to get a reliable instrument and a guaranteed source of income, entrust it to professionals. Our specialists have all the resources for achieving this goal.

The FISON Project in its activities on attracting venture capital investment is cooperating with the Investment Fund managed by the Company “Pioglobal Asset Management”, which is registered by the NKTSBFR in accordance with the legislation.

Everyone who wants can invest monetary funds in FISON projects through purchasing shares of the venture Investment Fund managed by the Company “Pioglobal Asset Management”.

All operations of the FISON projects are carried out due to the investors’ assets. An investor may be an individual or a legal entity by purchasing shares of the Investment Fund.

The estimated yield of the FISON projects is 20%* per annum (*estimated, but not guaranteed).

FISON team works in two directions: portfolio investments, where the lowest risk and stable income are supposed, and investments in startups - projects with an innovative idea.

Our team consists of experienced professionals. They collect information about the Ukrainian markets and analyze the exchange markets of startups. You can see the result of their work and a full analysis in the section News or on the home page in the block “Invested projects”. On the basis of this analysis, you can take decisions on the purchase or sale of assets and securities. This information is available to everybody.

To control your finances, you will also get acquainted with such a term as the budget. Subscribing to our e-mail newsletter, you will be able to learn in details and to start applying our four rules of personal finance.

If you get a question, you can always call our hotline, and operators will gladly help you!

If everything is ok with your budget - just be our investor. Sincerely, the FISON team!