French Weekly IT-observer UADN: News of Ukrainian IT industry

4 февраля 2015

Ukrainian hardware providers bet on outsourcing production to China

Despite Ukraine’s low wages, the nation – just like many more affluent ones in

the West – outsources hardware production to China. Successful local tech

firms such as Petcube, LaMetric and iblazr, which have raised almost $800,000

collectively on Kickstarter, have their production set up in Shenzhen. 


Crowdfunded fund Fison to back foreign startups

Launched in 2013, Fison is now beginning to direct crowdfunded investments

into foreign startups, following a successful last year of financing local

projects in spite of the difficult situation in Ukraine. 


How LiveUAmap became a global media resource

A mapping tool based based on Google Maps borne out of the Maidan protests has

gone on to become an innovative resource for trouble hotspots around the

world. Today, LiveUAmap has 25,000 unique visitors a day without the

implementation of any marketing methods.