Mobile apps to help with first aid instructions at war front

12 февраля 2015

Mobile apps to help with first aid instructions at war front

Here's a timely innovation for Ukraine at war: applications that help people facing life-threatening injuries.

Win Interactive, a Ukrainian game developer, created a mobile application that provides first medical aid instructions - Domedychna dopomoha (pre-medical aid).

It can be downloaded for free on iTunes and Google Play.

The app has six tabs that provide brief explanations on how to correctly transport wounded persons, stop bleeding, apply bandages, restart a heartbeat and other first aid instructions. The application offers guidance both in Russian and Ukrainian.

It is also possible to call emergency help right from the app.

Win Interactive's mobile app provides instructions for those wounded during the Donbas war. © iTunes
The instructions have been initially taken from a first medical aid guide issued by the Health Ministry.

"We understand that in difficult circumstances, not everyone will be able to examine all tabs in the app," says Win Interactive's Olha Kavunenko.

"Besides the military men are often restricted from using mobile phones on the field.  But in the evening you can read and understand the basic principles of applying bandages, transporting the wounded."

"In a case of emergency a person will know which section to open fast and provide pre-medical aid to a person nearby. Most importantly, this information is with you as long as your phone is in the pocket,” she adds.

Ukraine is most definitely in difficult circumstances, trying to defend itself against a Russian-led invasion that has killed more than 5,000 people in the last year and led to Ukraine's loss of the Crimean peninsula.

Earlier Kyivstar, a major telecom company, launched a free app called First Mobile Aid. All information there is in English only.